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Learn about our Vascular Ultrasound Lab

At our main office in Lancaster, PA we offer Vascular Ultrasound services. Depending on your needs and our current availability, we can offer same or next day scheduling.


The Vascular Lab at Surgical Specialists of Lancaster is an accredited lab featuring board certified technologists. Please read below to learn about the outpatient exams that we can offer.

Our exams

- Carotid Artery Duplex Ultrasound

- Venous Duplex Ultrasound

- Venous Reflux Duplex Ultrasound

- Indirect Arterial Testing (PVR, ABI,

 Treadmill Exercise)

- Extremity Arterial Duplex Ultrasound

 (upper / lower)

- Bypass graft Duplex Ultrasound

- Hemodialysis access graft duplex


We only use the most technologically advanced systems. That's because they ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.

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- Vein mapping Ultrasound – pre-surgery

- Dialysis access mapping Ultrasound –


- Renal Artery Duplex Ultrasound

- Aorta/Iliac Duplex Ultrasound

- Liver Duplex Ultrasound

- Transplant Kidney/Liver Duplex Ultrasound

- Mesenteric Artery Duplex Ultrasound


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